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We attended a wedding last weekend, and I noticed a couple of things that I wanted to share.

Multi-talented DJ

The guy running the sound for the wedding was quite a character. Not only did he handle the microphones, play the songs and compere the evening, he also put on an impressive song and dance routine from Grease at one point, led the guests in their dancing, and somehow persuaded the single guys to perform some very strange feats of skill before they attempted to catch the garter. I didn’t necessarily love everything he did, but he definitely stood out from the crowd and made himself memorable… almost as if he’d been reading my blog.

Business cards

More impressive though was the photographer, who had produced a special run of business cards consisting of an engagement photo of the bridge and groom, with contact information for the photographer on the back. There was a pile of these on the welcome table as you came in, and I thought this was a really neat trick – she had provided something of value to the guests (a free photo of the couple) which demonstrated her skill, and which included contact details when needed. I bet a bunch of people stuck this card to their fridge, and when they need a photographer, that’s who they’ll call.

It’s odd in a way to think that business cards still have value in the internet age, but I have no doubt that they do. So many contacts are established in the real world (at gigs, conferences, etc), and business cards still play a valuable role in providing contact information in that environment. They also say something about you – the picture you want to paint of yourself, the type of career you’re pursuing, and how professional you are. So although they seem anachronistic I think business cards will be with us for a long time to come – at least until we get a button on our phones that sends an electronic business card to the people we meet.

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