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In recent months, as I’ve examined all the possibilities for the MyLiszt website, and what it could be, I’ve realized that in my excitement I’ve been planning to create too many different things all at the same time (the sheet music search engine, musician webpages, business cards for musicians, etc), before the website is even established.

I’ve therefore begun to refocus the site (for now) as purely a classical sheet music search engine. I know from Erica’s experience trying to find sheet music for the Piazzolla Grand Tango or music for the Penderecki 2nd violin sonata that finding music can present a very real problem. By searching a bunch of different online stores in one place I think our sheet music search engine can help people.

So for now, we’re going to focus on that. I’ll be gradually expanding the range of stores that we search, gradually improving the search algorithm to give better results, and working to promote the site so that more people use it.

Once we reach a point where the site is well used, then at that point it would make sense to expand into offering additional services. But for now, we’ll focus on searching for classical sheet music.